Friday, July 24, 2009

First Dam Photo 3

Like the new look of A Peoples' Picture? Thank Madzia of DARE design based in London! DARE design is a multifaceted graphic design and communication solutions company with a commitment to individualized customer service. I personally think that they are fabulous, and wouldn't hesitate to recommend them. Check them out at Oh, and thanks Madzia for a job well done. I (and everyone I show the new site to) love the new look.


  1. hello sunshine, thank you for the shout out, oh and I sent a better quality JPG to fix the blurry-fy.. :) Hope your off on a great weekend, see ya on the other side!

  2. The site looks great and I love seeing all the new pics! I LOVE it here! :)
    Peace and Love,

  3. The station is lovely.. with little weird tunnels and gorgeouse details.. On the jubilee line they have beutifull murals of scenes from Sherlock Holmes :)