Monday, June 1, 2009

Participate in a Peoples' Picture Project

YOU can be a Peoples' Photographer! We accept (and encourage) the submission of disposable cameras for inclusion on the site. Thinking of where to leave the camera and what to write on the handwritten attention-grabbing note make a fun activity. The only thing I ask is that the standard taped-on note be used, and that the camera arrive to me undeveloped.

1. You will need: Fuji film quicksnap disposable flash camera, specially formatted Peoples' Picture description printed from here (Word 2003) or here (PDF) (or email me), heavy duty tape, razor blade, and scissors.
2. Cut the description out close to the text, place a thin piece of tape along the top, and align the description so that the left edge is flush with the camera and you can see light from the view finder showing in the blank spot.
3. The thin piece of tape holds the paper in place while you tape it securely. Make sure that the paper doesn't cover the exposure counter.
4. Tape the paper in place letting the tape hang off the left edge by about a quarter of an inch. Cut a slit in the tape at the corners so that you can fold the edges over.
5. Using the razor blade cut a whole in the empty space of the paper for the view finder. Cut any excess tape away from the camera's trigger and film advancement wheel. Use caution when cutting the view finder whole to avoid cutting up the view finder window.

Tips for a Good Camera Drop
1. Location is everything! Seek a place with people sitting around bored such a public park or bus stop. Place the camera out of direct foot traffic, people walking places don't often notice. Avoid places where the camera might get put in the lost and found. Avoid businesses where the owner or an employee might not like having their customers photographed.
2. These cameras suck. They need to be carefully shielded from the elements. Think shade.
3. Leave a handwritten note under or pointing to the camera. This helps catch attention, ensures that the finder knows that the camera definitely isn't lost, and ties the device to a real person who may be back any time to pick it up. I usually say something like:
Pick Me Up! Take pictures with me. I am not lost, I belong here at [drop location] today [date]. A team member will be by later to pick me up. Enjoy.

4. Take a picture of the drop location with the camera before you leave it.

When you have a camera with pictures on it, email me for an address to mail it to. I have a system here, so I will only accept undeveloped disposable cameras. If you like, I'll give you drop credit on the photos as they appear on the site.


  1. Would love to do this, not sure here in Phoenix the summer is a good time. Might need to wait until cooler weather to be sure the film doesn't get fried.

  2. Yeah, try it out! Like you said, it probably is a good idea to wait for cooler weather. That Arizona heat will melt the fillings out of your teeth.

  3. What a sweet idea! I'm very intrigued.